Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Been too long... again

I wasn't writing in the attempt to not be wasting my time on frivolous things, but still haven't finished my work! :S

Debating whether to go to rugby practice in a half hour... really don't feel like it! Would prefer to go to the gym.

Have been on the radio a couple of times now -last week filled in for a music show host who didn't show up. That was quite fun, I hope they don't show up again this wk! haha

I'm running an event for my post grad program tonight -it looks like it's going to be quite fun. I've been getting to know my classmates more now and it's more enjoyable than first semester.

The editor of my paper in Canada is moving back to Israel with his family so I probably won't write for a while since I assume the two stories I had on the back burner won't go forward now.

I suppose I may as well write in here because otherwise I'm just wasting time on facebook!