Wednesday, 29 April 2009

LA Calling

Yep, London is not calling. Rather it is repelling. Fingers crossed that im in LA by the end of the summer. Can't want to get out of England... now that I didn't get the one job I applied for here I'm looking forward to a sunny existence.

I have bar training this evening... just sort of killing time until then. I attempted to work on my 3000 word essay due tomorrow but I don't have the sheet from the course with me so thats a no go. All-nighter here I come!

Ah well.

Finished Breaking Dawn, finally! I bought the first book for my flight on the 11th and have read every opportunity I could since then -so 17 days of straight reading. I now feel very empty inside without the next installment :(

Any sexy vampires out there who want to keep me company to make up for it?

Saturday, 25 April 2009


I haven't updated at all this week because I've been spending hours and hours reading Stephenia Meyers' novels in the Twilight series. I'm on the last one now. It will almost feel like when Harry Potter finished... a whole universe ends. An entire world in my head comes crashing down when an amazing series like this comes to a close!

Yesterday was quite productive on the filming side of things. Done almost all the shots I need for my promotional film entry for the Leeds Uni website. I had been thinking of going into the office and doing some preliminary editing today but I'm sooo sore I just want to stay in bed and read some more... I took the camera and tripod home with me yesterday slung over my back and it took me twice as long as usual to get home. Not doing that again! Hence why I'm sore :(

I'll put up a new poll soon. Any suggestions?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

All twittered up...

Still don't have my charger in the post yet so internet time has been limited to union opening hours. The university is still running on easter hours at the moment. Thus unfortunately out of all the things I check regularly, and obsessively, on the internet, this blog has gone a bit to neglect. Will definitely pick up activity once it arrives in the post.

Admittedly, when I have been online the last few days, I have been updating my Twitter like... every 5 seconds. Very unhealthy. However, have learned a LOT toward my dissertation and have TONNES to write about now so it hasn't really been a waste of time -even if it feels like it!

Ears still blocked up. Worked the other night and took my glasses off. It was a weird feeling to really be lacking clarity on two of my senses at once. Gives me a sincere appreciation for good health. Really hoping the doctor can fix me when I finally get in on Wednesday!

What's news, dear internet? x

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Could more go wrong?

I forgot my mac charger in Canada and no one else is back up in Leeds yet who I could even fathom borrowing from. My second laptop... it was fixed a couple months ago but I never opened it because I was using my Mac. Well, the keyboard isn't working. Campus is completely locked up until Wednesday so I can't use a computer there.

My ear is completely blocked and I'm deaf. All pharmacies were closed today. So, with nothing to do (woke up at 630am, read for 4 hours and finished my book), I went to sleep at 1pm trying to waste time until the next day.

I've given up and decided to run out the battery on here.

Looking forward to finishing here and finding a job. Although I am enjoying shooting my film. Thinking about entering the Ellensburg film contest. If I do then perhaps I'll stay over here a bit longer.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Probably the wrong audience?

Only 2 votes on the GM issue. It's been a pretty hot topic for conversation in the US and Canada, but it appears as though most of my visitors here -who know me anyway and aren't just randomly browsing Blogger posts- are from the UK and may not know what I'm talking about? I will have to think up something relevant for the water rats over the pond... hmmm. Suggestions?

I'm back off to London in a few hours... Debating whether to go to Dublin on Wednesday. The place I was supposed to stay fell through...

I got a haircut and its AWFUL. I look like trailer trash. Horrid. I spent two years growing my hair out from it being an inche long and now it's just, ick. Will have to wear it back for like 6 months before I can be seen with it down again.

And ok so... I'm in LOVE with Robert Pattinson. Along with millions of other girls around the world -but does that make my love any less pure? Haha. Seriously though... I watched Twilight 3 times in the last day. I also downloaded the soundtrack and have listended to some parts of it 7 times... I wanted to buy the books but my city didn't have one copy left that has the movie poster on the cover, so I'll wait until I'm back in the UK and try to find one there. I think the film is amazing. The camera crew capture the look of anguish on his face when he wants her amazingly. Powerful.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A couple of interesting ones...

Well, the first one, NOT REALLY! The front cover of Macleans magazine has a tab about a new Trudeau bio. SERIOUSLY? The country is so over that.

But what IS interesting is a story that made the actual graphic on Macleans front page, and the front page of the National Post today: Canadian teenagers today are doing less drugs, having less sex, drinking less and getting more work done than the group eight years before them. Statistics show over 50% of teenagers are still virgins and are having sex at the weekly rate of the over 60-year-old bracket.

It's definitely all the new computer technology. It's a generation of drones.

Addict much?

With this many entries in the last couple of days has it become clear my postings come in spurts? haha

There was a story on the news tonight about googlemaps Street View feature starting their photo taking in Canada. I am so unimpressed. When I was first shown my house in England on there I was really freaked out. It takes things too far. I wonder if a boycott of google could be initiated. But I doubt it seeing as I use gmail and this itself is a google derivative.

Seriously though... My neighbour in England is disabled, and now you can see on google maps there's a disabled parking spot infront of the house. And even though faces are blurred, you can still see clearly enough. Scary.

Twittered Up

Wow... If it wouldn't sound so pathetic... I'd say I spent almost the whole day -save a break at the gym- one facebook and twitter refreshing my homepages. Seriously though, got some good ideas for my dissertation and some good contacts too. Also, Twitter is amazing for finding links. Loving it. This dissertation may actually be fun to write!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Add me!

I am now IhaveTheFear on Twitter.

Bonus points to anyone who knows why I chose that screen name...

Social media frenzy

Is it just me or is the media reporting on the media more than other news these days?

As usual...

Been too long...

Got back from England for Easter break a couple weeks ago. Return to the UK on the 11th. Going to Dublin when I return and hope I experience more than rain there.

I've just created a Twitter account. It has become necessary. This especially in light of my masters dissertation on facebook, social networking and the media!

A couple of article deadlines coming up for the J. Independent, finally! Promise to update here once those are done!