Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Travel Spain; A Short Expose (accented E)

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

He-llo To-ron-to

I wrote that title as my dad would say it, in imitation of Mick Jagger and his pedestrian British accent when he came to Canada for a concert a few years back.

In any event... been in Toronto for a few weeks now and there has definitely been some disappointment. My job got cancelled and I am currently unemployed. Luckily, as a freelancer, I have been getting by and NOW I had the privilege this past evening of meeting a lovely girl in my field who gave me some great suggestions and enthusiasm.

Since I got here I have been back to Vancouver for a week, which was fantastic; very enjoyable. I always loved Vancouver. I'm glad to still have it as a place to visit for friends, family and the beauty and relaxation of the city itself.

Toronto is different, for sure, but I didn't give it enough credit before. It's easy to get down on ones self when there isn't enough to do, but there are opportunities here that just do not exist in the smaller, more remote parts of the country. It may take some knocking down doors, but I have faith something will come up.

I revamped my C.V. this evening based on a template and the, again, great help and advice from my new acquaintance, and tomorrow will be getting business cards. All the sudden, when looking at this new C.V. format, I have more confidence in applying for freelance gigs. I hadn't had the opportunity or privilege of actually getting feedback from anyone out here before on how I should conduct my applications, or on how my experience fares in comparison to other people here (especially with their graduating institutions being local). A few tweaks, and I'm feeling rejuvenated in getting back out there with applications. I still was applying this whole time, but had become quite listless about it. As well, I hadn't been visiting a particular website with job listings because I had felt I didn't have enough experience to get any responses; but that actually is not the case so I have that page open right now.

Anyway, this blog post is really more like a journal entry for me, as I know my step by step on what I'm doing and what websites I'm visiting is probably of little interest to the general public. I've enjoyed writing this though, so since it's my blog, that's a start ;)

However, it's currently almost 6am (I stayed up doing online assessments for an employment agency on programs such as Excel) and I feel I will lose the battle on waking up for my 9:30am doctor's appointment if I sleep now -so I've sort of lost the darkness to sleep under... At least there are the Commonwealth Games to watch -- Alexandre Despatie in particular! It literally only seems like a couple of years ago that Alex, at age 13 in 1998, won his first Gold at the Commonwealth Games. I remember being in Edmonton with fall colours around me, perhaps on the school bus on the way home, and it being mentioned. I recall the photo of the little boy being held up by a grown man, cheering his accomplishment. He seemed so small, but we all were too -he is only a year older than myself. I think this is actually the first time that something that feels so recent has actually been such a large amount of years ago. Twelve years.

Good morning east coast, and a late good night, west coast.