Friday, 31 July 2009

A late posting

Here are a couple of my links from the JI, July 24 edition:

Obama is no savior

Hungary's distinguished history


Currently cutting tape from a Highland Games competition. Cutting bagpipes all day for two days is really wearing on me!

Off to New York on Sunday for a wedding. First time! Sooooo excited!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

And the pitch continues...

Check out my new travel article for about...

Edmonton! at...

Oh yes!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I know, I know!

I've had a couple of people message me, berating me for not having updates on here -sorrrry! The last month at home somehow I've found less opportunities to post than when I was traveling. I suppose that's easy enough to figure out though. Travels are interesting, being at home isn't :P

However, today I was on CTV being interviewed with the City of Edmonton rep about my Whitemud Creek video. Good times. I definitely prefer being behind the camera.

Rugby since I got home has been awesome. I joined a different club than I played for before; much closer to where I live and a nicer squad of girls. Went up to Fort McMurray for the first time with them a couple weeks ago wooohooo! I'm a REAL Albertan now! haha

It's Capital Ex right now. Brought the brother to the grounds today and went on a few rides myself but I am sooo not made for that kind of stuff. It's in league to my experience on the Eiffel Tower last month clinging to the rails going slowly, step by step while little kids ran up and down by me.

Partially on the way with my disseratation now. Got distracted the last couple of weeks because I had a brief serving job in a bar where they gave me full time hours when I wanted parttime, but gettin' back on it! (Didn't keep the job but have an interview at Lululemon on Thursday and I really, really hope I get the job! I'll by, like, everything there :P )

Just got back from the gym; I love the looks I get when people stare down my rugby bruises :P

Oh, and I'm also super behind on my page. Definitely need to update that but I want to get a couple mre thousand words done on the dissertation before working on other miscellaneous things!


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Canada Qualifies!

Went to an awesome game yesterday!! Canada beat USA Eagles in International Men Rugby to qualify for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011.

Had a couple of Strongbows and then got called in to cover a shift at work haha. (Made some awesome tips though!)

Check out this Video of Canada scoring a try in the first half!

Final score Canada 41-18 USA

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Finally doing something "productive"

I sat down and wrote 1/14th of my dissertation last night. If I hadn't needed to get up for work in the morning I would have kept going because I was on a roll. I'm hoping the mind set to do this again will occur, and if so, I will probably be lacking on the blog front for the next while --pressing matters, you know.

Like my new job though, even though he is definitely giving me too many hours. Serving is the best when it's super busy and then the time flies.

Canada vs/ US men's international rugby tomorrow afternoon at Ellerslie; really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Officially up now!!

My submission for Edmonton Stories is now up on the City of Edmonton website!

(Same video as the youtube link from yesterday, but 10x more cool! haha)

My Edmonton Story

City of Edmonton

Here's a video I compiled for the City of Edmonton website competition. The object was to tell a personal story about living in Edmonton.

Youtube Link

Friday, 3 July 2009

Poland Publication

I did some blogging from Poland including photos, but below is a link to a published article for those who want to make a similar visit to the country. I attempted to do a link on my Examiner page which specified that it was not an overview of the entire country, but rather an article specifically for those who want to see what I did -but I got so many agitated freaks harassing me that I took that link down (had not posted it in order to generate debate about Poland as a whole, nor did I care to get into any arguments -my Examiner page is for light reading!)

Anywayyy (the description for my blog DOES include "rants", so don't be too annoyed at that intro :P ) the Poland article from the Independent in Vancouver:

Click here!!!

(unfortunately online version does not have photos, just the print version available in British Columbia)