Sunday, 15 June 2008

Blogged down

As you can see, I clearly had too much time on my hands toward the end in England as my blogging has slowed down significantly since returning and beginning work.

Will still update here but not as often as for work I need to update the JACK FM Street Punks blog

We are very busy and important, by the way!

Normally I would had cropped that photo but at the moment just can't be bothered; need a nap, been a long weekend!!


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Stephen Colbert is HI-larious!!

You MUST watch this from the Colbert Report last night!!

I was waiting for it to go up on youtube. SO funny. Especially since our dud of a premiere is the one quoted hahaha

Monday, 9 June 2008

Chag Sameach

Back in Edmonton for a couple of days. Have a Happy Shavuos.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Absolutely miserable outside!

Ok, so I had to be at work for 630am to go out to Airdrie for the RONA MS Bike Tour. Now, I'm totally for working charity stuff, and even the getting up incredibly far too early wasn't too bad, it's the rain. We couldn't set up our speakers or do anything. Very frustrating.

Now I'm at home making some food and changing clothes before going out on a remote for the rest of the day. Man, I had forgotten about Albertan weather while I was away!!

Oh, and everyone should definitely write to the CBC NOW regarding their stupid decision to not renew their contract for the Hockey Night in Canada Them Song! I mean, seriously what are they thinking?? It's pretty much a national anthem.

As soon as I heard that a couple days ago I was just like... "and the CBC screws up YET AGAIN." Radio stations and other outlets across the country are protesting so you have a multitude of ways to get your voice heard and join the angry mass.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Well, it's all over folks

So Detroit won. Oh well. Just annoying really.

Final poll results:

Detroit to win: 3
Pittsburgh to win: 7


New polls:

Obama got the Democrat nomination over Hilary. Who do you think will win, and who do you WANT to win?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Forecast: rain

It's supposed to rain until Friday. However, I am not going to take it as a bad omen. The drizzle started when I hit Red Deer and then it cleared up for a few hours once I was south of it again so I'm just going to take it as remnants of having to drive through there.

First day in the office was fun. Got given all my JACK gear and met everyone.

While looking to upload that photo from the internet, it came from wikipedia and I was enlightened to read the following:

"Jack FM is the moniker and on-air brand of several radio stations in Canada, the United States and now the United Kingdom. Jack stations play a mix of 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s hits with some current hot adult contemporary singles. Jack stations use the slogan "playing what we want", and promote themselves as having a larger and more varied playlist than other commercial radio stations. It is not unusual for a Jack-FM station to have a playlist of over 1000 songs compared to a normal FM station which sometimes have play lists of fewer than 500 songs. The stations are officially classified as the Variety Hits or Adult Hits format by radio research companies."

Didn't know it was in the UK! And yeah, we are for a slightly older demographic. Our major free product this summer is Tetley Iced Tea. My boss pointed out its a good drink to hand out to professionals rather than pop for kids. If you want free iced tea come to Calgary and see me!!

Went out with the roommate to a place called The Cat n' Fiddle pub. As soon as I walked in I saw this guy wearing a Liverpool shirt and really felt the urge to mutter "scouse" like I had to two people I saw on Sunday at the mall also wearing Liverpool shirts, but I knew it would be lost on him.

I had meant to find a gym today. I looked up different places but at 3 I got super tired and passed out. I should have known better though because I slept until 8 and now I will be up all night :( Tomorrow I'll check out the downtown Y.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Best regards from Cowtown

Well, I have arrived in Calgary.

Looks like the JACK FM Street Punks have been tearing around town without me, become a fan on facebook!

I'm not yet on there but will be soon. In the meantime also check out the JACK homepage for the punks:

Looking forward to joining tomorrow and getting started!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Oilers 2009

Well, it looks like another cup is going to Motor city. Not that I REALLY cared anyway since the entire final is being played on American ice.

The Kokanee Ranger is fairing well, but not well enough. When last I checked yesterday, he has 166,000 votes for and 100,000 against. Your help in securing his post against evil Sasquatch is still greatly needed.

They actually have a really cool job listing. Kokanee is looking for someone to represent Sasquatch for a couple of months with pretty good payment. The chosen candidate gets to travel around western Canada as the Sasquatch spokesperson. Pretty sweet job. If I weren't starting my radio job so soon I would definitely apply for it.

First shift is Tuesday down in cowtown but its just orientation. Wednesday is the first real shift and its on location at a Tim Hortons. You can't get welcomed back to Canada with anything more Canadian than that.