Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I knowww I'm totally behind with this blog and my Examiner page. It's just been SO nice since I got home not living on the internet!

I DID try posting a video from India on here a couple days ago but I tried it a few times and left it for a couple of hours and it didn't work. Shame, I love it! It's called "How to navigate India" and it's just tape of what the traffic looks like when I'm trying to cross a busy street.

I'm looooving the Canadian weather. Even a cloudy day here is nicer than a cloudy day in England!

Currently I'm planning my next move for the fall. I really want to go to South America to Santiago or Buenos Aires to teach English but the TEFL certification is very expensive and I would only want to do 6 months. However, I don't want to pay for the TEFL and then find that only year long programs are available. So: I'm looking at Asian destinations also that don't require TEFL cert. It's just a though, well, I'v put quite a bit of thought into it, but if it doesn't work out then I'll go straight down to LA when the leaves start changing up here in the north.

Right now... dissertation bells are ringing.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Interest piece

One of interest for a specific group. Recently published article at the JI for Jewish singles:

Love Across the Pond

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Since I got to Pittsburgh I've had very limited internet. My grandmother refuses to get highspeed so I had to deal with AOL dial-up.... the horror! Haha... But seriously it's been a hinderence. I haven't been able to post on here, at Examiner.com or submit articles. I'm seated at a coffee shop now though with the attempt of rectifying my absence!

It was pretty cool being in Pittsburgh last night to see them win the cup. I'm definitely happy Detroit didn't win! Makes me sad though that I'll probably never get to experience for my own home team what these guys got to. I was in the Middle East three years ago when the Oilers made it to the finals and lost in Game 7. I think that's the closest I'll get since I wasn't old enough to remember the last time they won the cup.

I knew I should have brought a sweater with me... the air conditioning in here is freezing in combination with the smoothie I ordered and my wet hair from just coming down the street from the gym :S

I need to catch up with my print newspaper articles first but hopefully before I sign out for the evening I will have an Examiner article to post for you guys. I'm thinking I'll do one on Poland. I'll put some photos up that weren't posted on here.

Talk soon!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


It's very different here than in Poland. The city didn't get bombed as much during the war as other Eastern European cities so there's some nice old architecture pre-1939. I've not had internet and I'm just in an internet cafe at the moment before going back out.

I was REALLY ill on my way here. I assume it was from getting back from India. I'm mostly better now but still being very careful and not eating much. I've not been in the mood to really tour. Done so much touring the last year and a half and it's been nice to just hang out with my friend here.

He's writing a law exam at university right now though so I'm going out for the first time to see a couple of places and take my first photos since arriving here Monday night.

Talk to you soon,