Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Head Space

I'm in a terrible head space. This holiday has worked in reverse and is really grating at my nerves. There's actually something quite distressing about looking down a street and seeing moderately tall buildings go on as far as the eye can see. It's suffocating. If one wants a breathe of air here, then they live in New Jersey or somewhere else that is far away from the centre and then the transit to get anywhere takes forever. This is not for me. It has made me long for the sunshine of LA, that is more my calling. And I want to go back to Vancouver, now. It suddenly has so much more appeal. It is a city, but it's easy to get into nature. Here, yes, there is Central Park and other smaller areas of refuge, but it is not a proper escape from the bustling, over crowded traffic pushing inwards from its green borders.

I should be writing a short article, or I "should" be going out to do something on my last day in the city, but all I'm doing is sitting in the hostel lounge doing nothing. I just want some time to myself. It's too busy. It's too noisy. And staying at a hostel, it gives no chance to unwind; there are always other people around. I will need to take a break after this "break" in order to be sane once I return to Vancouver.

If I do anything today, it will be to take the subway down to the ferry and take it across to Staten Island. It's grey out though, so who knows. At least it's not storming rain out like yesterday.

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