Friday, 3 July 2009

Poland Publication

I did some blogging from Poland including photos, but below is a link to a published article for those who want to make a similar visit to the country. I attempted to do a link on my Examiner page which specified that it was not an overview of the entire country, but rather an article specifically for those who want to see what I did -but I got so many agitated freaks harassing me that I took that link down (had not posted it in order to generate debate about Poland as a whole, nor did I care to get into any arguments -my Examiner page is for light reading!)

Anywayyy (the description for my blog DOES include "rants", so don't be too annoyed at that intro :P ) the Poland article from the Independent in Vancouver:

Click here!!!

(unfortunately online version does not have photos, just the print version available in British Columbia)

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