Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I know, I know!

I've had a couple of people message me, berating me for not having updates on here -sorrrry! The last month at home somehow I've found less opportunities to post than when I was traveling. I suppose that's easy enough to figure out though. Travels are interesting, being at home isn't :P

However, today I was on CTV being interviewed with the City of Edmonton rep about my Whitemud Creek video. Good times. I definitely prefer being behind the camera.

Rugby since I got home has been awesome. I joined a different club than I played for before; much closer to where I live and a nicer squad of girls. Went up to Fort McMurray for the first time with them a couple weeks ago wooohooo! I'm a REAL Albertan now! haha

It's Capital Ex right now. Brought the brother to the grounds today and went on a few rides myself but I am sooo not made for that kind of stuff. It's in league to my experience on the Eiffel Tower last month clinging to the rails going slowly, step by step while little kids ran up and down by me.

Partially on the way with my disseratation now. Got distracted the last couple of weeks because I had a brief serving job in a bar where they gave me full time hours when I wanted parttime, but gettin' back on it! (Didn't keep the job but have an interview at Lululemon on Thursday and I really, really hope I get the job! I'll by, like, everything there :P )

Just got back from the gym; I love the looks I get when people stare down my rugby bruises :P

Oh, and I'm also super behind on my page. Definitely need to update that but I want to get a couple mre thousand words done on the dissertation before working on other miscellaneous things!


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