Friday, 29 January 2010

While I'm at it...

Who has info to give me about New York? I've been gathering loads of information about the best way to make the move: where to live, how to find where to live, who to live with, how to find work, where to look for jobs, etc.

Anything anyone has to say I would like to hear! A few people have made a move to NY seem quite daunting, but with an American passport, it won't be the same as a Torontonian trying to make a go of it and find sponsorship to stay.

I should find some interesting topic to make a blog about, with photos. You know, be a fun blog. Ha, we'll see. I have a lot of things I could rant about at the moment, but I've talked myself out the last while and can't bring myself to bring up all the emotion it takes to go through an issue point by point in print! Perhaps in the near future.

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