Monday, 5 April 2010

Definitely didn't seem that long...

Hm, I kept thinking to myself that I should make a new posting on here, but hadn't realized how much time had actually passed since the last one.

Since the last post I packed up my stuff and drove through the mountains to come out to Vancouver for a couple/few months. Pretty nice out here, even with the crazy wind storms the past two days. My car got out unscathed, anyhow.

I have some actual writing to do, so this post won't be very interesting :P That's always the excuse too. "I've got to get this article in so it's ridiculous to write on my blog which isn't for pay when this deadline is so close." Yet, of course, instead I just refresh Facebook like, every minute and I may as well have written a few interesting posts since February. Ah well.

One of my favourite musicians, Yoav, had a new album released this past week and is coming to Vancouver on May 1. Excited! I saw him in York, UK in the fall of 2008. Wow, doesn't seem that long ago :S

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