Saturday, 27 February 2010

Back in AB

And so it goes, back in Alberta, again. One of my best friends went to Vancouver today from Toronto for her reading week, and I didn't get the chance to go out to Victoria, or even see all of my friends in Vancouver; was not ready to leave! Back to the same old... hole myself up in my room on my computer and leave the house to go to the gym. What an existence. Even one more week of this will drive me crazy.

My American passport arrived so I can up and go to the States now with ease, but I have a pending second interview with the Toronto Blue Jays so I'm holding out for that. It would just be for the season, so until beginning of October, and that is something I should accept if offered. It's not like I would have to actually live in Toronto for so long, and I'm sure it would be fun enough. I've enjoyed my promotions jobs in the past. Not sure what sort of chance I have of getting the position, but still worth it to put up with Edmonton for an extra week or so and not commit to moving anywhere before knowing if I got the position and should be driving to Toronto.

On a lighter note, although I did filming during the Olympics which impeded me from taking as many photos as I otherwise would have, I still got a nice album's worth. It can be viewed in the following link as a Public Facebook Album. Of course, if we're friends on Facebook then it will just show up as normally viewing it.

Canada did awesome today in the Olympics. Would have been so awesome to go out again. I haven't gotten trashed like that since going out with the Rugby girls in Leeds! Seems I can still indeed take a full pitcher and a couple extra drinks on the side and still be somewhat comprehensible.

I will archive the footage from the Olympics soon and figure out how I'm going to piece it together. I only got about 2.5 hours of footage -far short of the seven hours of tape I bought, but I still caught some decent stuff. Shame I don't have anything more complex than iMovie, but I'll make it work and can always make something more advanced in the future.

Currently being a sap and listening to Adam Lambert to a bit of an excess.


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