Thursday, 3 June 2010


I've pretty much been living on Craigslist for the last couple of weeks.

After moving into my new room, and having it be the first place that's really "mine," it's so exciting to add stuff to it! This morning I got a hat and wine rack, candle holders and a coat rack while this evening I got a matching Ikea lack side table to one I got last week.

Not that you needed to know any of my specifics, but yeahhh, exciting! Haha. My room is so comfy looking now. The corner has an Ikea Poang chair with a PERFECT little table to go beside it. This table was being sold on the Drive by a woman out of her van. It's just perfect.

Once my boyfriend's mom gets back from her roadtrip down to Mexico, I'm going to replace one or both of my dressers, and get a sofa chair for the living room -just don't have the capability to get larger items right now. I think I'll replace the coffee table as well. Those items always go for free because people don't want to have to move them, or can't. I did spend money having a couch delivered the other day... It isn't as great looking in person as in the ad so I was somewhat disappointed, but it's just underneath that isn't great, the couch came with a nice cover, and it's what the eye sees that counts so I'm ok about.

And, will be getting some free books tomorrow! The guy has some by Leon Uris, who I've read QB VII, and I love it. Great author; the book was so moving.

I'm still occasionally opening up the job links, but I think I'm going to relax now that I got my HMV job. I could make much more if I get lucky enough to land a hostessing job (I don't think there's any chance I will get a serving job in this city), but it takes a lot of time to send out C.V.'s to places off of there after browsing it, or to go in person if they don't accept via e-mail. At least I have something for now and can breathe a little bit.

I know everyone else cares as much about the detail of my Craigslisting as I do, so I hope you have enjoyed this post! :P

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