Sunday, 6 June 2010

It Continues

Today I went up the Drive to a garage sale advertised on Craigslist and walked away with an Aristotle book. I most definitely would not have gone in thinking "I really need some ancient philosophy today," but there was a Britannica set in perfect condition and I couldn't help but get one of them.

I also got a small TV to replace the ratty one that came with my room, and got a couple nick knacks including a nice cup/jar thingy to put loose change, a small delicate vase to put single flowers in and some hangers. I also arranged to pick up a towel rack tomorrow. That one costs $10 but it can be used as a small clothes rack and that is actually something I need as I don't like to use the dryer after washing my clothes. At the moment, some articles of clothing are spread out on my carpet to dry, and that is definitely not ideal!

This blog could be all up on current events and edgy, but I prefer getting stuff like my Craigslist excitement/angst out on here. I'm actually in the middle of writing the article for the Showstoppers tribute show I went to this week -just taking a break after spending a considerable amount of time going through and editing the photos.


The weather was really nice today! Went for a run at Trout Lake and even though the sun didn't quite seem like a summer sun, it was so beautiful; if anything because it was so nice just to see so many people enjoying the outdoors and being active!

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