Monday, 28 March 2011


I played indoor soccer this past weekend for the first time in about 10 years after injuring my knees and having to retire from club soccer and enter into track & field (I did provincial level t&f for about three years after exiting soccer to strengthen my knees, work on technique, etc., and it was a lot of fun but I missed soccer for quite some time). I appeared to not have lost all of my touch, which was a nice feeling, and it made me want to enter into a women's league again this coming year. After not having played for that long, it was more fun for me than any of the rugby I've played since grade 11 when it had been offered to me as an alternative. It appears my knees are fine and it might have just been growing pains way back when. Who knows.

I'm home today from work though. I chested a ball booted by the opposing male goalie and I was right by the bench when I did it. I immediately grasped at my chest and ran off, wondering if I would need the defibrillator. I played the rest of the game, but once the adrenaline wore off, I've had chest pains and laboured breathing since, so here I am at home instead of at work.

I have a lot of paperwork to take care of though so at least I'll be more likely to get to it this evening than when I get home exhausted from work and don't want to do anything extra that resembles work.

Photos were taken from a phone in the stands so maybe I'll post one in the next day or so, so that there's at least some visual content and not just boring ramblings :P

I tried removing nail polish last night but I don't have gauze, just kleenexes, and I didn't have the patience to scrub for a long time at each nail, so I have weird looking remnants of light pink. Hmm, not even that I didn't have the patience. The kleenex rips up if you press to hard, and you have to keep pouring on more remover because it absorbs it fully after a few seconds, so it's pretty hard to do the job properly. At least it wasn't a dark colour!

I haven't had a comment on a blog post in over a year, but I know randomly people do read this sometimes because even during weeks at a time when I don't have a new update, when I check on my profile, it always says there are at least a few more views. If you've read this, give me a shout! Perhaps it will prompt me to become more interactive with it again and post exciting things like circa 2008! Maybe. No promises. But say hi anyway.

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