Sunday, 1 June 2008

Oilers 2009

Well, it looks like another cup is going to Motor city. Not that I REALLY cared anyway since the entire final is being played on American ice.

The Kokanee Ranger is fairing well, but not well enough. When last I checked yesterday, he has 166,000 votes for and 100,000 against. Your help in securing his post against evil Sasquatch is still greatly needed.

They actually have a really cool job listing. Kokanee is looking for someone to represent Sasquatch for a couple of months with pretty good payment. The chosen candidate gets to travel around western Canada as the Sasquatch spokesperson. Pretty sweet job. If I weren't starting my radio job so soon I would definitely apply for it.

First shift is Tuesday down in cowtown but its just orientation. Wednesday is the first real shift and its on location at a Tim Hortons. You can't get welcomed back to Canada with anything more Canadian than that.

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