Saturday, 18 April 2009

All twittered up...

Still don't have my charger in the post yet so internet time has been limited to union opening hours. The university is still running on easter hours at the moment. Thus unfortunately out of all the things I check regularly, and obsessively, on the internet, this blog has gone a bit to neglect. Will definitely pick up activity once it arrives in the post.

Admittedly, when I have been online the last few days, I have been updating my Twitter like... every 5 seconds. Very unhealthy. However, have learned a LOT toward my dissertation and have TONNES to write about now so it hasn't really been a waste of time -even if it feels like it!

Ears still blocked up. Worked the other night and took my glasses off. It was a weird feeling to really be lacking clarity on two of my senses at once. Gives me a sincere appreciation for good health. Really hoping the doctor can fix me when I finally get in on Wednesday!

What's news, dear internet? x

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