Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Could more go wrong?

I forgot my mac charger in Canada and no one else is back up in Leeds yet who I could even fathom borrowing from. My second laptop... it was fixed a couple months ago but I never opened it because I was using my Mac. Well, the keyboard isn't working. Campus is completely locked up until Wednesday so I can't use a computer there.

My ear is completely blocked and I'm deaf. All pharmacies were closed today. So, with nothing to do (woke up at 630am, read for 4 hours and finished my book), I went to sleep at 1pm trying to waste time until the next day.

I've given up and decided to run out the battery on here.

Looking forward to finishing here and finding a job. Although I am enjoying shooting my film. Thinking about entering the Ellensburg film contest. If I do then perhaps I'll stay over here a bit longer.


The Jack of Hearts said...

Haha. You Canadians are such dawks!

There are 24 hour computer clusters...did they shut over Easter too?

Also..what's the film?

evaaaa said...

yesss the 24 hour clusters shut over easter and are STILL closed!

and NO its you british who are ridiculously backwards!

one film is for class, 6-9 minute silent film, other film is for ellensburg film festival -cant remember which one i mentioned in this post!