Saturday, 11 April 2009

Probably the wrong audience?

Only 2 votes on the GM issue. It's been a pretty hot topic for conversation in the US and Canada, but it appears as though most of my visitors here -who know me anyway and aren't just randomly browsing Blogger posts- are from the UK and may not know what I'm talking about? I will have to think up something relevant for the water rats over the pond... hmmm. Suggestions?

I'm back off to London in a few hours... Debating whether to go to Dublin on Wednesday. The place I was supposed to stay fell through...

I got a haircut and its AWFUL. I look like trailer trash. Horrid. I spent two years growing my hair out from it being an inche long and now it's just, ick. Will have to wear it back for like 6 months before I can be seen with it down again.

And ok so... I'm in LOVE with Robert Pattinson. Along with millions of other girls around the world -but does that make my love any less pure? Haha. Seriously though... I watched Twilight 3 times in the last day. I also downloaded the soundtrack and have listended to some parts of it 7 times... I wanted to buy the books but my city didn't have one copy left that has the movie poster on the cover, so I'll wait until I'm back in the UK and try to find one there. I think the film is amazing. The camera crew capture the look of anguish on his face when he wants her amazingly. Powerful.

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