Friday, 15 April 2011

Fly in the morn

Well, my flight leaves in the morning, transfer through Vancouver and then off to Shanghai. Will be a bit of shlepping because when I arrive I take a train to Hangzhou, stay there a couple of days for training, and then a train to Nanjing will I will spend the duration.

Prettyyyy much all packed now. Had a lot to take care of being leaving and now the sun is setting (or rather the light is fleeting since it's April 14 and it snowed ALL DAY here in Edmonton so just grey and I am NOT impressed!) on the last day in Canada for a while!

Might not get to travel at all once I get to Nanjing because teach right up until my flight, but the city is very historical (used to be the capital) so I'm sure there will be a lot to see! (Did I mention this in my last post? Can't remember, distracted watching the Office!)

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