Friday, 15 April 2011

Van airport, pre-Shanghai

I have to say, I've flown many times through Vancouver YVR but have never been through international and it's beautiful! There's a massive fishtank, loads of duty free shops, and just yeah, had no idea all of this existed here!

Sitting online taking care of last minute business, which includes not getting all the pay I'm due from my last job so this will be difficult to take care of from overseas and an annoying headache, but also enjoying sitting at my computer here in the lounge looking out at the mountains. They're pretty clear too since it's not raining.

Just saw this video posted on fb by my friend Annie, haha, made me smile:

(tried putting it as a direct link but for some reason it wasn't showing up once I publish the post -think I need to edit the colour of link text in my blog, I changed to this layout just this month, but will look into that later. You will have to tiresomely copy and paste the link into a new browser window :P )

Sad I can't hang around to watch the Canucks play tonight! Wonder if I'll be able to access online Canucks radio from China? I also missed Bones last night and hope I have a fast enough internet connection when I get there in order to stream on Megavideo -or if there's another site I'll have to go to? Or will all that kind of stuff be blocked?

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