Friday, 30 May 2008

Save the Kokanee Ranger!!

Before I went to England I pretty much had not been able to drink one beer; I had never liked the taste and am a light weight anyway. However, if Canada has any sort of nationalism, it's expressed through beer. Molson may not be Canadian owned anymore, and can't boast "I am Canadian!!" but Labatt could still have new renditions of hockey games infront of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and I would get sucked in.

Again, I never liked beer, but it represents a form of patriotism. When I lived in Ontario, it was too far east and nobody drank Kokanee. I loved coming home and seeing it and being able to buy my one bottle at the bar. And I loved the commercials with the Kokanee Ranger -"it's the beer, out here."
I love living out west, and Kokanee ads always gave me a homey feeling.

The first night I was back, I see a new ad with the ranger, and then at the end it says to vote whether to keep him! My dad saw it too and it was like ahhh!!! because for years he has quoted a line used in an old ad where the ranger is teaching his protege about keeping the sasquatch away from the beer and he says "digilence, it's allll about digilence." Meantime sasquatch is just walking out of the cabin with the beer while they sit there talking.

And now, the moment of truth has come!

Doesn't that make you want to go out and buy a case of Kokanee?

It is amazing that they could keep the cast of the Kokanee Ranger station together for so long! And now we must choose! Rise up and be heard!!

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