Tuesday, 23 December 2008

1 sheep, 2 sheep...

I'm having a bout of sleeplessness. Go to Italy tomorrow though -well excited!

While there though I have 2 assignments, dissertation and 5,000 word phd proposal to work on -brilliant! Oh, as well as a UK Jewish singles article and articles about Jewish camp, Chanukah in Italy... soon followed by Jewish Norway/Sweden and something from Israel as well. For a writer, I really don't love writing quite as much as I should! Not exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of all this work... but at least the articles will pay for Sem in Israel!

I took part in a ridiculous filmed skit thingy for North Leeds children last week. It's called the Maccabean Murder Mystery and it's filmed by myself, produced and edited by Neil Clarke (also make a couple of lovely one-liner appearances). Take a look:


This was actually my filming and youtube debut. Borrowed a proper camera from LSTV. Getting the hang of shooting is pretty much the last thing I've to learn properly in order to be hired in any department for print, radio or television. It's really good to know how to film because stations like to cut costs and are happy to find reporters who can set up a camera themselves. It's also an excellent skill to have if there be aspirations of making a documentary. I've thought about bringing a camera with to Ghana and producing a side project while I'm there. I was inspired by a guest lecturer from London to do so. Let's see if I can finish my assignments from this past semester first before getting too ahead of myself though!

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