Thursday, 25 December 2008

Sorting out a Roman Shabbos

Just looking at the fine details for Shabbos tomorrow in Rome. Probably should have done earlier but oh well... Hostel is just around the corner from the station and the shul is maybe a km away, not bad. I am quite excited; it will be so beautiful! There are several Jewish areas in Rome so I intend to go to all of them. Especially the Jewish Ghetto. I am sure its much larger than the one in Venice, and that one was quite spectacular.

Again sitting around doing nothingbut ah well. Erev Christmas we were out late hanging with some Yids. Some things are just universal. Go to the movies Erev Xmas or still in and just be lazy in a group.

Please g-d I will get some work done before Shabbos or I will be seriously stressed out for the entire time until Jan 12th due date. I am 110% the unproductive turtle...

He is quite cute though isnt he?

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