Sunday, 21 December 2008

Do you agree?

So far its practically neck and neck: 2 votes agree and say men and women can't be friends because "sexual or emotional thoughts do arise", and 3 votes disagree and say they can be. It could be the scriptwriters for When Harry Met Sally were, unbeknownst to them, doing much more than writing a script, but actually telling the world the truth of male-female relationships?

Crystal puts it quite crudely, but does it not make sense that a male and a female just cannot be friends as a same-sex friendship is; excluding homosexuality from the picture? When two girls become good friends, what factors come into play? "She's a lovely girl" "We take the same course", etc. Whereas between a man and woman, there is some sort of chemistry at play, even just within a friendship. True, many of these friendships work, and its nice to have the "opposite opinion" on things, but how many other times have you heard of "it just happened, didnt mean for it to", due to a moment of vulnerability -just like what happened when Sally was crying over Joe in the film?

I stand behind "agree" 100%. It's due to... just how easy it is to cross the line; that is why Judaism has so many fences. Two minds just have to be in the same place for one second, and you're both goners. . . but feel free to disagree, and we can debate further!

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