Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Doing nothing

As I said... self fulfilling prophecy. Did a whole lot of nothing today while Channa went to the hospital to visit her friend who just gave birth. Well not completely nothing. Did contact Chabad here to get photos from the Chanukah skating event here in Milan on Sunday for my article.

We are meeting up with a friend of hers at the supermarket soon to buy food and then make dinner. Yay, being a normal adult and having a proper dinner gathering! Haha.

Will write part of the Chanukah article tonight and then leave the rest for what I will see while in Rome, and possibly Florence.

But of course the actual work... for my course... haven't touched it. I am amazing.

If I could market something silly like Emily the Stange, at least I could make money from how much I do nothing!

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