Monday, 5 January 2009

At World's End

Verdens Ende at Tjome, on the Island of Tjome, Norway 35km from Stokke, south of Oslo

In English: At World's End.

I was just as excited when I stopped at Camden in London and a pub was named that also. Although it was the worst of the 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies, still exciting to have a Johnny Depp movie reference! Haha. But of course, geeky moment aside, the view was stunning.

Going to Oslo tomorrow since we went to the island today. It was so pretty, and serene. There wasn't a sound. When the ducks made a noise it was so distinct. I'm quite the urbanite, but this was so calm and beautiful. It was minus 12 and brilliant. The air was crisp, brisk and clear. Such a... departure from English city living. Really clears the head.

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