Sunday, 11 January 2009

Silly silly silly!

I was supposed to fly to Israel this morning. I was indecisive up until the last minute about whether to go. I didn't. And as soon as I didn't, I regretted it so I went and booked a flight out of Luton Tuesday morning. Such a waste of time and money -flying out of Manchester is sooo much easier! Blah.

I just couldn't sit around Leeds for the next couple weeks.

Was very tired once I got back from Sweden. I was in transit for 10 hours but the flight was less than 2 hours long. Yippee!

At least I know my way in Israel and it won't take long from Ben Gurion before I'm settled at the sem.

I can't wait until I leave here. I sat for hours applying for jobs in Burbank even though I know I won't hear back from any of them and that even if I did, I couldn't go. The dreariness here has gotten to me.

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