Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I am all traveled out! Caught a 449am train to the airport in Oslo this morning. Once at my cousins in Sweden I napped for a couple hours this afternoon, but I am still so very tired. And I'm not even in the home stretch! Must get back to England Friday and then back off to Israel on Sunday. I think after this spurt, travel will be cut down significantly as it just takes so much energy! Commuting between Leeds and Manchester will probably suffice for getaways this coming semester!

My cousins live in the country north of Stockholm, closer to a place called Uppsala. There's kilometres of ice on the land for skating and a fresh snow fall. As soon as I got off the plane this morning the same sensation hit me as in Norway when I went to at World's End. It was bright. Really bright. It made me reminiscint of home with how the light is here. I couldn't keep my eyes open. The same thing happened when I returned home to Canada in the summer from England. It's as though the country of England just lives under a constant haze. It's like stepping out from the darkness into the beam of a pair of headlights.

No photos from Sweden yet, but here's one from my daytrip into Oslo yesterday with Anette:

A view of the Oslo frozen over harbour by the Opera House.

Oh and, it's pretty sweet to be in Sweden just as Canada kicked their ass in the World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal game yesterday! Wooooooo!!

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