Friday, 2 January 2009

Even 1984 won't be like 1984

It must have been a bit strange to witness the year 1984. Orwell made it eternally an important date representing universal human fears, feelings and traits.

Lucky for the SuperBowl, Mac cashed in on the opportunity to make an advertisement which would also stay with us, and become famous years down the line in a computer dominated society that technicians and scientists in 1984 could only dream of.

1984 Mac Superbowl ad

What's your favourite "Hi, I'm a Mac" "And I'm a PC" ad?:

Mac's spiffy ad collection

My favourite is the Computer Cart from 2007 when PC whispers "fatal error". Oh glee!


So I leave for Norway on Sunday. It will be cold. So too will Sweden be cold when I fly to Stockholm from Oslo.

I got my unexpected dose of snow while I was in Italy and am not really in need of a snow shot anymore! I am determined to enjoy myself though! No sitting in and procrastinating from uni work I am not going to do anyway instead of enjoying myself, and definitely no concussion. No concussion? That's a plan. One should always plan to not get a concussion, it's the cool way to travel!

On another note, anyone want to do two assignments on communications in the European Union for me? Awesome, thanks!!

Sigh. Off to Manchester tomorrow. Cannot get out of Leeds quick enough!! I would put a photo to represent this but unfortunately google images only brings up football bashing photos. Leeds United do really suck though.

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