Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Occupied Botany

The Botany House on campus is "occupied". Such a thing clearly is university endorsed as it a university building. Ridiculous. Also ridiculous? The reinstatement of a Holocaust denying bishop on Holocaust Memorial Day. If I didn't have tact, I would say the Pope is a real German ass.

I will get a new poll up soon; I haven't had anything exceptional occur to me to ask you guys, but it will come!

Second semester is underway now with the hope it will be better, and brighter, than the fall semester. Or "autumn," rather.

I have been in communication with the BBC online service over an article they posted last week which said Uganda is "the Israel of Africa." If ever you read something which you really disagree with, do something about it. That goes for anything you see or hear on broadcast journalism as well. Journalists seem to think they are above real life and can print anything. It is the public's duty to keep this in check.

Here's a nice political cartoon for the day.

I always find it interesting how there's these prevalent views about terrorism around the world, but when it comes to the Hamas/Hizbullah/etc. vs. Israel conflict, all the sudden it's "different" and the terrorism is en mass deemed acceptable.

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