Thursday, 28 May 2009

4:20am alarm clock

The last three nights I have been awake at this time to hear the praying from the Mosque. It's very distinct this time of night when the motors on the road are minimal, the honking horns aren't constant and the other noises are that of weird sounding birds, and what I believe to be monkeys!

Here are a couple of photographs before I head to bed (don't think I'll make it to Mysore in the morning; what with the long stopover in Paris Friday and then two days back in Leeds before off to Hungary, thats a lot of shlepping around and I don't mind hanging around here in Bangalore!)

A slum child, Bangalore

Bangalore Palace

Worker at Bangalore Palace

Rooftop view of intersection at Residency Street, Bangalore

In a richshaw, nighttime, air blowing past

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