Sunday, 17 May 2009

What's important...

Is clearly not what's fun! But we all knew that anyway... Exam tomorrow, radio show tomorrow night, film to finish shooting and edit by Thursday, still an essay to do -but obviously I'm spending my time on twitter and my new page. I rock!

Do you rock too?

Procrastinators only welcome.

Oh, and booked my ticket to Budapest for beginning of June. India I may not get my Visa in time, joys! And Poland... I promised a review didn't I?

Well, it wasn't what I expected. I was a history major in my undergrad, I taught myself German in order to be able to read documents from the war... and in general I was brought up knowing a lot about what happened there. So... when I got there, I wasn't upset like I thought I would be. However, I seriously believe everyone should go. Perhaps it will awaken enough people to the fact that genocide in Darfur, Rwanda, etc, are TODAY. The visuals of what the real places these things happened will maybe me a wake-up call. I hope. And not just about the present, but the future. Hatred spreads like wildfire. People forget and history repeats itself. We can't let this happen again.

Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Oscar Schindler's factory in the Krakow Jewish ghetto

Thousands of shoes at Majdanek work/death camp. Their shoes were taken and they were given wooden clogs.

Remnants of a synagogue. The stage was stone, the rest was wooden and burned down.

The crematorium chimney at Majdanek

Another shot at Majdanek.

My camera battery didn't last through the trip, but I think these shots were indicative of the experience. Auschwitz bunkers look very similar to Majdanek.

Last shot is of the Jewish quarter in Krakow which has been revitalized because of the visitors. Thousands and thousands of Jews lived in Krakow before the Hoocaust. There are now 200 Jews living there. That's more than most places that used to have populations.

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