Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ahoy Me Matey!

Off to Paris in a few hours -looking forward to doing the typical touristy things like seeing the Eiffel Tower!

Today went to Ulsoor Lake and got some classic footage in a paddle boat -the kind of stuff you cry over when you're old for the stupidly fun things you did when you were younger! "Land ho!"

I also came across a really large slum and tried to get some photos. My friend got nervous and hailed a rickshaw auto but I still managed some good shots. The children ran up from the slum to be in more just as we were driving away and I felt bad that half of them were blurry. It's interesting, and nice to see, that these children can become happy so easily. The smile comes naturally to them when they see me with my camera. They look of proper weight so at least they must get enough food, its just the living conditions, at least in the slums I've seen, which are terrible.

Applying for a few jobs with the spare time I've got before going to the bus station. It's absolutely pouring outside... I hope it stops before my flight so that it's not held up -I want my full stopover time in Paris!

Bye for now!
Eva :)

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