Wednesday, 27 May 2009

UNIIIIIITED!... next year boys, next year

In India watching the United V. Barca game -this is what it's all about! Sport is an international language. (Or I WAS watching when I wrote this post but it's taken so long to upload the second video that the game is over by the time I'm posting this and United lost :( Hate Barca! --They've got a cool stadium though, have to admit I was in awe when I went on the Nous Camp tour while in Barcelona last year.)

I stopped in at a nightclub in Bangalore earlier tonight and a guy was dancing with a Barca scarf around his neck. The video is sideways, sorry guys!

It's pouring buckets outside right now. Unavoidable after the heat during the day! I didn't get as exhausted as yesterday though -walked four hours yesterday up to the High Court, around to Commercial Street and the markets and back down to Double Road (a bit of geography for those of you from Bangalore following my posts! Thanks for your guys' greetings and suggestions for places to see!)

Today I went up to the Bangalore Palace and it was pretty nice but I'm hoping to get to the city of Mysore tomorrow and see the real thing; the Bangalore Palace was just the summer house -small potatoes, haha. It's supposed to be stunning.

One thing is for certain, I'm tired of being treated like I'm a moron. I expect the stares because of my skin colour, but it is completely out of line for locals to think that my skin colour gives them license to be dishonest. I'm good with a map and I know when a rickshaw is driving loops in order to run up the meter. This behaviour by them is not condusive to tourists thinking well of them -and it just creates a viscious cycle. If I treated a person of colour in North America how the locals treat me here, I could be charged with racism. I may be visiting India, but that doesn't make me a money tree, and it doesn't give anyone the right to try and con me out of money that they don't deserve. This may sound harsh, but this is how I feel.

I'm also tired of the unnecessary car horns. The incessent honking in real traffic in the busy streets is one thing, but honking at me when I'm walking on a side road and you have all the room in the world to just drive by, is obnoxious. The sound polution, on top of all other forms of polution here, is through the roof. I mean, obviously my carbon footprint isn't the best because I fly all the time, but in day to day life... the waste here is disturbing.

Crossing the street itself is a bit fun, but because it's just so ridiculous.

I tried uploading a video of me crossing the street but it's not the best wireless here and after an hour I gave up on it :( I'll post it when I'm back in England!


Distracted by the game... Uuuuugh Giggs, so close!!!

Anyway, chugging water with the fan on, as I have been since I got here! Obviously in stark contrast to the experience of those living in the slum right next door. Strange to think about.

(PS, check out my most recent London photo album at! )

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