Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I've got an essay and a screenplay due at the end of the week. Film submission the 15th, exam 18th and my large film is due on the 26th. Stressed because I go to Poland tomorrow and its right dab in the middle of everything! I wasn't going to go but I got guilted into it by the trip group advisor because I also bailed last year -it was just as bad timing last time as well!

I loatheeee taking national express down to London. If you don't book in advance you get completely ripped off or have to take the coach which takes FOREVER.

I would work on my screenplay but I can't find my outline ahhhhh

Oh and I booked a ticket to India this morning for the end of the month but then my visa got declined because I was over my limit having last night also booked a flight manchester to pittsburgh and from pittburgh to edmonton. Wow, can you tell I'm tired? Starting to write in informal chat mode with lack of capitals. But yeah, so there was a whole mishagus with trying to sort out the ticket on a different card and it still hasnt been booked and I'm worried I'm going to lose the wicked fare I got. Sigh. It was spontaneous afterall so I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world if I can't book my ticket (I may be an adult but I also have to take into account that dad will probably KILL me when he finds out -if I do indeed book it!)

What else... well my usual gripes with England for everything closing at whatever chance they've got. Just got out of a bank holiday weekend and the union on campus was completely shut so my radio show on LSRfm.com was canceled. And since I will be in Poland I will miss the last Newslink of the year as well on Thursday.

Oh and Avid Composer and Audacity programs drove me absolutely MAD before the weekend, both being extremely difficult and quirky -aka not doing what I wanted. To be fair, I think something was actually wrong with Avid because it froze a couple of times...

With all this busy-ness though, it WILL be nice to go see Paige in Bangalore before leaving this side of the world when all of this is over!

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