Friday, 15 May 2009


I'm too lazy, lady and gentlemen. I know I promised a blog about Poland but I just can't make myself put thought into something serious right now!

Just got back from the audio-visual lab, spent most of the day finishing off a promotional film -doesnt it feel AMAZING to finish off a project? To watch through it and not see anything else that you need to tweek?

I can't WAIT until I can feel that way about my other project I've been working on... I have to re-shoot a whole bunch of stuff tomorrow cuz my main character got a haircut -GRRR!!

I've been hired on by as the Pittsburgh Student Travel columnist. I'll will start posting on there soon! I've definitely got hundreds of stories to post on there!

However, speaking of traveling... I may not get my India Visa in time -sooo sad. Mostly upset about the wasted money though :S Couldn't change the dates. Sigh.

I should be responsible and go to sleep now but I've probably got a couple more hours of tweeting in me, at least.

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