Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Change of plans

I'm not going to Poland afterall. The flight leaves at 8:20am and returns at 11:30pm, both into Liverpool. I would have to spend two nights in the airport or pay for a taxi, both of which are not options for me. I am highly unimpressed with Aish for this organization. It is completely unreasonable to expect us to arrange our own transportation for such wonky hours. I had been nervous about going and 2.5 months ago wanted to cancel anyway in order to go home earlier since I finished my exams yesterday, but they wouldn't refund me even that far in advance when clearly since then they have had other people sign up who could have taken my spot. I've not had problems with Aish before. At least Johnny Kalmus was concerned at lunch today and tried to sort something out but really there are no options.

Hence, no article about my trip for the Jewish Independent. Perhaps they will allow me to write an article without having attended the trip since it's an opinion piece about the trips in general, but its still a shame I couldn't at least go from a journalistic point of view.
Aside from Poland, my Italy article comes out in print on Thursday and usually by the end of the day or Friday morning it will be online; I'll post the link as soon as it's up.

My job at JACK FM in Calgary begins June 1; I fly home to Edmonton May 27th -I can't wait! I also meet with the director of 660News once I'm there so I'm looking forward to that. They're both Rogers stations and they own CityTV now too so I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get back involved in that capacity.

Really can't wait to get home. Despite my musings in an earlier post, I'm a prairie girl at heart.

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