Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Last night

I'm sitting at Noam's in London. My flight is at 830am so I need to leave for Heathrow at 445... so not sleeping. Watching TV. Saw "Stanley Cup" on Sky and flipped to it -you know, why not, get back into Canada mode... but then its these British guys sitting at a pathetic desk with pennets of each team tacked on the front... And THEN he's reading out messages from viewers and its like "Chelsea losing football left me gutted so need some good news" and another one: "this guy isn't agile for his size..." don't remember the whole thing but clearly not a way that ANY Canadian or American would talk! Ack and the guy just said "Pittsburgh shirt" JER-SEY, JER-SEY!!!! I got snapped at for four months of messing things up, now its MY TURN! This is my country's sport and you will get it right!!

Thank goodness, the actual play-by-play announcers just came on and they're the real deal.



I hope I'm making the right decision by not coming back...

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