Sunday, 25 May 2008

End is near

Fire at the Lag B'omer gathering... wish my camera hadn't died... really a lovely night and way of ending off the semester before leaving...
Have started to tell people of my plans not to return. It's difficult. I never understood why people would cry when summer camp would be over as a child as I never really got attached to places. Here has been very different and an amazing experience. I will miss it.
I don't need a masters in my field. I would just be postponing my advancement in my career by another year by staying. I already once had a job I wanted and quit last fall in order to go back to uni (had been working in tv and radio). As well, I'm not a good student. I get above decent marks by not trying but that won't cut it for a masters. I love so many things about living here, but the actual uni part I don't like and I would be unhappy 12 straight months of more school and essays. It would also cost 35 grand CA for the whole year, and unless I'm willing to put my mind to it, it's not worth such a huge investment -especially since I've had reservations about it due to the other reasons.
I am looking forward to going home to Edmonton and beginning work in Calgary on Sunday, but I am very sad to leave. It'll be a great experience in Calgary and a foot in the door. When I get vacation time I will definitely fly back overseas. Hopefully will get back to England... have made some wonderful friends here, but also want to get back to Italy and I have no idea when I'll get back to Israel... I can't leave that for long either -I got SO emotional a couple weeks ago for Israel 60th! And of course still have my Australia plans: I promised my Australian roommate Kirbee in 2nd year that I would visit her and I don't want to be old with a family, career, etc. and be stuck and never have gone to Australia like I said I would when I was 19... so that definitely has to happen soon.
So many things to do, places to see, and time is feeling limited. As a 40-year-old I will look back at my twenties and think "I was still so young," but, I definitely feel a time crunch at the moment.

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