Friday, 16 May 2008

English Superiority?

Before I came to England I was warned by an Englander that it would be extremely difficult at the university here in comparison to Canada.

"Why do you think everyone in America have degrees? Because they're worthless since they're so easy to get."

Needless to say I had been quite concerned about what would be expected of me here. Worries are abated. I put in the same level of effort as at home: a couple of days last minute on an essay without much revision, and my exams I didn't even study for: I have gotten first and second class honours for all of my marks. They are called a 1:1 and a 2:1, and the 1:1 is apparently quite difficult to get. If this be the case, it makes me question everything that England seems to think it is superior in.

I think the country rides on its history more than its present day situation. People in North America look at England as a hub of education, helped along by the sexy accents that make men and women swoon.

The vocabulary is different here, yes, but that's all it is: different. North Americans hear the British and it all sounds so intelligent, but really, if people are brought up with a certain vocabulary those are just the words they use. Even the common folk, people with choppy accents, will use longer words that would make outsiders marvel. Tired = shattered. Tired = knackered. It's basic stuff. They mean the same thing. Just like My receiving an A- and a B+ is just as easy to obtain in Canada as a low 1:1 and a high 2:1.

Let's get off our high horse, shall we?

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