Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Good ol' Alberta...

I have made some observations in the last day.

I was waiting to cross the street and was standing there and realized the cars in all directions had slowed down to allow me to cross.

When I arrived my eyes were tearing and I could hardly keep them open due to how bright and yellow the light is here.

There is so much space its ridiculous.

People actually know what's going on in the Stanley Cup and are looking forward to the start of the Canadian Football League training camp this week.

Football is once again soccer; thank goodness.

I got acquainted with UK music that didn't make it over the pond this past semester, but as I sat behind the wheel of my 99 Taurus station wagon today and flipped the dial to my favourite music station, Sonic, I felt right back at home. Real cars (that's right, I may be an environmentalist, but there's something to be said for the homey feeling I got when I stepped off the plane and saw all the pickup trucks everywhere), wide roads surrounded by lots of grass, and real hard music -none of this flouncy stuff from the island.

The people may not be dressed formally like in England, but I like it. At first when I arrived in Leeds I was overwhelmed by how nicely everyone dress, including the men, but now that I'm back, I realize I missed the laid back mentality.

Oh and yeah, plaid shirts, jeans, and the occasional cowboy hat -I'm home!!!


Final results for last poll:

United won the Cup because...

They got lucky: 1
Chelsea blew it: 4
Karma: 50 years since Munich: 3
I don't care: 1


Who will win the cup?? Will the Penguins bounce back? Will Crosby miraculously get over his injury? Or is the cup returning to motor city??? Let your voice be heard, and register your vote in the right hand column!

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