Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Even though I spend hours of time wasted doing not a lot of anything in particular on the internet, I still don't really feel like putting in a huge effort when it comes to writing a blog post. I could make it all snazzy and attach photos; maybe in a future post come the near future.

I have discovered Simon Barker in The Guardian after watching him in The Mentalist and looking up his past credits. I think I'm done episode 6 now, of 66. That should keep me busy for a little while. It's fun to find a new series to watch obsessively :P

I'm going to Vancouver for the Olympics to film a documentary with a friend of mine from high school. I'm really excited. I am thinking up all sorts of idea for things to film in the city for b-roll, and what should be done for the main content. All I have to edit on is iMovie, but really, that's all that is needed a lot of the time; things done on Final Cut can often be over-produced: colour correction, too noticeable and active of cuts.

I have an interview with The Edmonton Journal tomorrow to work there over the summer. I had sent in an e-mail to freelance for them and heard back this evening for a paid internship position. I'll muse it over. It would mean a delayed move to NY, but probably worth it to get some experience in CanWest, even if I have been trying to get away from print. It's much better than getting hired for an actual job in print and then needing to quit come the few months down the line when I would want to move on.

As well, I have found a topic to write about for a novel. I can work on that once the post-production is complete for the Vancouver stuff :)

I missed House this evening from going to the gym, so off to watch it now on surfthechannel.

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