Thursday, 11 February 2010


I'm sort of swimming in interviews right now. I bombed one yesterday with the Edmonton Journal, but I didn't want it anyway, and I don't think it was my fault. The woman calls me up and is like "my daughter is about to have surgery, but she's going to be ok," and then is clearly distracted and uninterested the entire time she is speaking to me. But yeah, I accepted the interview, but really, wouldn't have wanted to have been stuck here until the end of August.

Also have been contacted for two interviews for NY jobs. Keeping my fingers crossed for those. One of them thinks I'm based out of Pittsburgh since I put that on my resume so that I have an American address. It's promising though. I'm sure once I'm actually there I will find work. In any event, as I said, fingers crossed as both are phone interviews tomorrow.

The Blue Jays promotions interview isn't until the 18 or 19th, and I don't want to go to Toronto, but if for some reason it gets offered to me and I don't find anything in NY, I would take it -since it's only temporary for the upcoming baseball season.

Had thought of going skating tonight for the first time in forever, but had to stay in for a handyman in the house and now it's almost 9pm, the place is far away... and will just wait until the weekend and skate during the daytime; that will be far more enjoyable.

I have the TV on in front of me, but its on mute. It's just kind of humourous to watch how bad the Oilers are.

Still addicted to Simon Baker :)

Three men have graced my laptop background: Robert Pattinson, Hugh Laurie, and now Simon Baker. Pretty exclusive company. And none of them North American either, now that I think of it -but all pretending to be.

SO excited for Vancouver!! Can't wait to film. Also want to take still shots but placed my camera somewhere in my bags when I left Winnipeg and haven't come across it yet :S Haven't exactly unpacked either, but at least I recall stuffing it somewhere instead of practically putting it in a handbag or something.

In anticipation for NY, have been looking back at my photos from the summer, and edited one last night:

I love the huge Wicked ad. I saw it in London last year with Eva B and it was fantastical. I would most definitely see it again.

Oh, and the title of this post is totally a metaphor. Although that was completely obvious come the first sentence where I said I am "swimming" in interviews, really, I never swim -anymore. Nothing against it though.

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