Sunday, 14 February 2010

Megavideo claims I watched 72 min when I didn't even make it through half an episode of the Guardian. Probably because I skipped little pieces toward the beginning trying to find my spot from last night. Unfair. Now I have 54min to fill before I can watch again.

An astute person may note that I could perhaps do something productive with my time, or go to sleep since it is 1am, but neither of those options have occurred to me.

I did edit a couple more photos from NY though. Since I only have iPhoto and don't have any advanced photo software, I would love to do more complex things with the photos, but right now it's the best I can do. I would really love to fool around with colour on b&w. Fading can work o.k. in some of my shots since I took photos of signs, and the surroundings turn grey much quicker than the object, but it's still not quite the effect I want.

Oh, and while the first photo uploads, I am going to mention that I am to make a website. I am debating between and I think to have a .com would be great since it's the basic end of a website url, but I don't like it as much with my middle initial in there. When I get out of bed to go downstairs to grab my credit card from my wallet is when I will make the decision. That may not be until the morning.

Hm, and while the second photo uploads, I'll explain that I am hoping I can get two photos side-by-side. I chose the first photo to be aligned on the left, and the second one on the right, but formatting-wise, it will probably just pile them atop one another just lined up differently. I guess I shall see. It will be annoying to upload the photos again if this doesn't work... Perhaps someone can teach me some new html to align it myself? :) I taught myself basic html in high school, but that was quite some time ago, and never had a need to use it since.

Uch, well, obviously you are reading this after the post is done, and you will see that I have failed in the photo alignment. Annoying.

Anyway, I loved this when I came upon it while wandering around downtown NY. Huge ad for the Watchmen. The first is the edit, the second the original. Which do you like better? You can click on the photos and they will open into full size; I think the colour shows up better in the full size. Same for two posts ago with the first NY photo.

I saw a preview for the film called Kick Ass or something tonight when I went to see From Paris with Love (I felt like I would go deaf from all the gun fire, and John Travolta played a crazy mother f*****!), and it looks funny, but definitely an idea stolen from the Watchmen. I wonder if there will be any rights infringement claims?

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