Monday, 15 February 2010


I had a lovely afternoon skating at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton today. I made a small video from it which I have posted to Youtube:

Skating video

I quite enjoy the video myself. I wanted to focus on the family atmosphere of the place, and the beauty of children learning to skate. I myself was brought to Hawrelak as a child and I remember trying to learn to skate on figure skates... it wasn't until I was allowed to get hockey skates that I really learned to skate properly: something about how figure skates have heals, it made it difficult for me to push off properly and really get good pace and strides.

I also just bought an Olympic Biathlon ticket! It wasn't incredibly expensive (hardly the $22,000 being asked for men's half-pipe snowboard on Cypress!), and I'm really excited! This way I can go up to the town of Whistler. Unless people have event tickets, they are not allowed up to Whistler over the course of the games. I really wanted to go to see what it's like up there, and just for the experience, so this is great! I have to leave where I'm staying at around 5am, but still worth it; and I can catch up on sleep on the way there. This will make for some great filming! I will have to miss the Our Lady Peace concert to go, but I've seen them three times before anyhow and there's other concerts to go the remaining days I'm there!

Also, I e-mailed the Olympic press people and they said video cameras are allowed in the venues as long as the footage isn't for commercial use. That's perfect! Footage from the curling event in Richmond will really add to the documentary :)

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