Sunday, 7 February 2010

Recent articling

I have written on Feferman before for campus activism, but this article on the front page of the Vancouver Jewish Independent this week is of a different sort.

The Wandering Jew is Feferman's documentary about his trip to India, and the JI Article covers my conversation with him regarding the documentary, along with Feferman's impromptu trip to Haiti following the earthquake.

In March I will have at least one more travel article appearing from my files of travel material I collected last year while in the UK and a Ryan Air flight away from another (usually stressful and sleepless) adventure.

I've turned down several writing offers lately, and am focusing on deciding what I really want to do. I am continuing to freelance here and there to help pay the bills, but I do not want to be a beat reporter. The experience at the Winnipeg Free Press (clips) was good, but I will not be seeking a full-time job at a daily, or a paper of any run.

Currently at the Etown homebase sending off hundreds of online applications, and by around April will move to the eastern U.S.; just have to take care of such lovely things as: the bars behind my teeth to hold them in place after having braces (for the second time) weren't strong enough, so I need to be here for several weeks for retainers to push them back and put stronger bars in. Hurrah.

Perhaps I'll film something while here for fun. And even perhaps I will get inspired to actually write a novel, but I don't have high hopes.

By the way, if you want to help with the bills ;) and have an interesting Jewish story you would like to see in a newspaper, give me a holler, and I will pitch it to my flagship paper, the JI.

Have you ever noticed that the toes on your feet actually look quite mutant-y if you sit and pay attention to them, and how the bones connect to your foot, and are just sort of useless as it is almost impossible to individually move each toe?

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